Henning Bitsch - the man behind the PPO-MC Global Tour

Photo: © Ajs Nielsen

1976: Drove from Denmark to North Cape in car.
1990: Drove in Landrover through Sahara.
1991: Crossed USA on a  Harly Davidson motor bike.
1993: Crossed Australia in a solar car(PV).
2002: From Lisbon over Andorra to Spain on an offroad motor bike.
2003: From Nepal to Tibet on an offroad motor bike. Beated the record on Mount Everest reaching 5.270 m.(read more about this here)
2005: Crashed on his motor bike on the beach of Hvide Sande(Denmark) and got 3 fractures in the back(thoracic vertebra).
2006: Drove 1900 km on an offroad motor bike through the Khairkhan mountains and the Gobi-desert in Mongolia.

Besides this Henning Bitsch has made many smaller trips – of them several in Nepal. He has lived in Norway, East Greenland, an in USA, and has participated in Solar Rally´s with solar cars (PV) in Japan and Switzerland.